A Poet’s Prayer on a Poetic Day

Oluwatosin Okupa
1 min readMar 21, 2022


Unlocking the Desires of a Youthful Poet

Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

2022; Into your arms, I yield.
decorate my journey
with your illuminating showers.
of paths, I do not know,
of adventures I cannot fathom,
of answers still dancing on my lips.
of the ofs’ still to come.

that with each golden day,
I remain a city set on a hill
lighting up paths unknown,
digging through tunnels unturned
pouring into vessels, far and wide,
whilst my fearful fluttering fade away
to the bottom of the ocean.

© Oluwatosin Okupa ~March 2022

🎀 Happy World Poetry Day!!! This day, March 21st, 2022. It feels good to be back on a poetic day - a new year, a better journey. 😍

🔮Oceanic Bites from Me to You: To all the amazing poets out there, don’t stop squeezing out those fantastic poetic juices… 😉 Also, make sure to drop an unusual poetic juice in honour of World Poetry Day.

Hola! Oluwatosin here, from the shores of Lagos. Glad to have you here!!!



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